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Bonus Episode: Odysseus and the Examined Life

Bonus Episode: Odysseus and the Examined Life

a wrap-up discussion for Issue #2: Troubled Seas, discussing the character of Odysseus, the Socratic idea of the examined life, and education today

In this bonus, wrap-up episode for the Incidental Encyclical’s Issue #2: Troubled Seas, join editors Samuel, Levi, and Harry, as they discuss a wide range of topics. From the concept of post-literacy and modern education systems, they move into a discussion of the ancient educational spirit, and try to understand the figures of Odysseus and Socrates - two heroic Ancient Greeks with deep attentiveness to the spirit of wisdom. As the conversation draws to a close, they return to the topic of education today, and discuss how this project - the Incidental Encyclical - fits into the world at large.